A bit of history

The history of Vigliano is closely linked to the one of Valdengo Castle, not far away. In the Middle Ages it was part of the County of Vercelli under the Signory of Bosone the count of Pombia. At his death the descendants of Manfredo, the count of Orleans, that is Manfredo the count of Milano and Guadalberto of
Casale, took hold of Vigliano and gave birth to the rouses of Valdengo and Vėgliano (not Avogadro). In 1014 Valdengo and Vigliano were confiscated, given to the Bishop of Vercelli and then given back to the Valdengos in 1016. On 4th May 1039, by decision of Emperor Conrad Salian, they became a feud of Guala of Casalvolone; then Vigliano passed on to Bongiovanni, the count of Vercelli, then to the Masters of Bulgaroand finally to Vialardo of Casalvolone. In July 1165 the Bishop of Vercelli invested Guglielmo, Corrado and Uberto Avogadro.
In the XIVth century the Avogadros built a fort in Vigliano, near St. Lucy Church and a tower in Moncavallo around which the homonymous castle was built in the XIXth century. On the 22nd September 1404 the Avogadros submitted to the Duke of Savoy who invested them with the feud. Giacomo Gromo (15/12/1505), Besso Ferrero-Fieschi (01/10/1544) bought some parts of the jurisdiction of Vigliano,
from. the Avogadros. Pietro Francesco Avogadro sold some other parts of the feud to Giovanni Fantone who obtained the title of co-prince of Vigliano on 19th March 1686 and then sold some other parts to Giacomo and Giuseppe Antonio Dal Pozzo in 1715. Other parts were given to the lawyer Ambrogio Bonino by Pietro Paolo Avogadro in 1744. In the XVIIIth century a branch of the Avogadros of Valdengo took the name of Vigliano. On the 2Oth January 1792 Valdengo and Vigliano were made a unique county in favour of Luigi Avogadro the Earl of Collobiano.