The territory

Total area Kms. 8,18 - Kms.5.5 from Biella -Kms. 5.3 from Cossato -Kms.2 from Candelo; Most of the territory lies in the plain between the hill sloping down from Ronco and the left bank of the Cervo Torrent. On the hilly side towards
Ronco and Valdengo you can notice grand and rich villas among which the Avogadro
Castle on Moncavallo hill and Malpenga on top of the hill, are the most important. The central part of the territory lies mostly along both sides
of the highway Biella - Cossato. The main stream flowing through Vigliano is the
Cervo Torrent; the plain between the hills and the highway is crossed by the
average part of the Chiebbia Torrent, atributary of the Strona.
The local economy is industrial in the whole; in fact there are several textile mills.