A PRO LOCO association has just been born

Pro Loco Tourist Association in Vigliano Biellese.
After some unsuccessful attempts a Pro Loco Association has been founded in our village too, thanks to the efforts of many people and some association already existing in our borough. I would like to tell the story of its birth, apart from the first attempts years ago, and starting from the meeting this year in February in the Alpini's centre, to which all the Vigliano Association had been invited. In that circumstance we decided to ask the local administration, in the person of Major Vittorio Maiorano, to organised a subsequent meeting in order to get information about all the bureaucratic formalities the Vigliano Association had to stick to for the activities they organised. After this meeting, held in the Town Hall Council Room, the representatives of Vigliano Association kept meeting regularly, about once a week, and little by little the idea of giving life to Pro Loco grew up. After several meetings, the associations and other people, together with the local Authorities, which had encouraged the idea from the beginning, chose Friday 27th June 1997 as the right day to give birth to Pro Loco. Actually the Association was set up in the study of the Notary Massimo Cagnacci in Casale. For the occasion a coach was hired to reach the notary's office. The representatives of the supporting associations and some citizens took part to the setting up of our association. Pro Loco started operating officially on Sunday 7th September with a concert of The Vigliano Musical Band, the rock group "The Balabiut" and the Vigliano Big Band for an audience of about 500 people. Some of our initiatives are just over, like the contest "A LOGO FOR PRO LOCO" for the students of Vigliano Primary and Secondary Schools, and "THE MURALES" for which a prize was given during the Christmas concert of the Town Hall Band on Tuesday 23rd December in St. Joseph the Worker's Church at 9 p.m.