A logo for Pro Loco

After the birth of Pro Loco we needed a symbol, a LOGO, to identify ourselves. We thought the best thing was to involve as many people as possible though some members of the Board were expert printers. With the kind and active co-operation of Prof. Giuliano Viale, head master of the local Secondary Junior School, and of Prof. Giuseppe Poma, the head master of Primary School, a notice of competition was published for the students of Vigliano Primary and Secondary School. To better point out the purpose of the contest everything was explained to the Primary School teachers by Mr. Barazzotto and Mr. Foglia while Mr. Salviati informed every class of Secondary School Dante Alighieri. The notice of competition made clear that the participation was to be individual and the students were asked for their identity particulars and for a description of their work to better judge it.
The contest started at the beginning of September and by November 10th all the works were to be collected. The Jury met to judge the 149 drawings divided as follows:
32 Secondary School;
18 Primary School Amosso
28 Primary School Centro
71 Primary School S. Quirico.
They Jury, formed by Mr. Davide Barazzotto, Silvio Gariazzo, Giacomo Fileppo, Sergio Foglia Taverna, Nicoletta Rolando, Claudio Salviati, met to examine the drawings. After several votings, during which they cut out several drawings which, though well done, were not fit for a logo, at the end the followings works were chosen:
nr. 19 - Gabriele Ruberti - 4th class - Primary School S. Quirico
nr. 35 - Marco Galantin - 1st class Secondary School
nr. 57 - Sara Furno - 3rd class Secondary School
nr. 137 - Sara Ramella Pollone - 2nd class Secondary School
nr. 142 - Susanna Lovisetto - 2nd class Secondary School

The students who had created the selected drawings were invited at Stilografica in Vigliano on Saturday 22nd November, to follow the restyling and graphic arrangements of their works, made by Mr. Barazzotto and Mr. Gariazzo.
The result was submitted to the jury once more and the LOGO obtained from Marco Galantin's drawing was proclaimed the winner of the contest. The jury's motivations were:
the simplicity, directness and content of the drawing. The content because it shows the "V" of Vigliano while the two stripes can represent either the two streams flowing through the village (Cervo and Chiebbia) or two pieces of cloth or of wool tops etc. In the drawing we can find the colours of Vigliano (yellow and red) and also blue which has been chosen as the basic colour of Pro Loco. Moreover the LOGO can be identified at the first sight, either in black and white or coloured, and can be reproduced either with the words "PRO LOCO VIGLIANO BIELLESE" or without them, keeping its integrity and possibility of being identified. The first prize given to Marco Galantin is a scholarship offered by Cassa di Risparmio in Turin consisting of a savings book worth . 500.000 besides a plate, a book and a video about our territory. The finalist students received the plate, the book and the video. The participant schools, Secondary Dante Alighieri and Primary Amosso, Centro and S. Quirico, will receive a parchment with the names of all participants in the school.
We must now say we are grateful to Cassa di Risparmio of Turin which offered the first prize, to the local authorities of Vigliano which gave the books and videos on the territory and to Banca Sella for their contribution.